POPPY (Papaver rhoeas L.)

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The poppy is a common plant in our country, which made history as “poppy” in “Flanders Fields”. Only the red corolla leaves are used; these contain the most important element, the bright red rhoeadin.
Rhoeadin is an antitussive substance which suppresses the cough center, when necessary, in the brain. This makes poppy as one of the best and most used herbal remedies against coughs. Besides rhoeadin, the flower crown leaves also contain mucilages, which resolves mucus and helps in this way against coughing.
The removal of tough mucus from the respiratory system, also avoids a tingling, which causes coughing.



FUMITORY (Fumaria officinalis L.)

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Fumitory, an apparent banal little plant of our countryside, has a large healing power: it is an anti-allergic, an antioxidant, supports the liver and is very appreciated in case of disorders on the respiratory system.
It is a beautiful antitussive, not only in case of allergic cough stimulus, but also on every situation of infection of the airways, like colds, flu situations and bronchitis.

Fumitory reduces cough stimulus fastly and effectively. The fast function of fumitory in case of a cough, is due to the fact it not only works locally, like in the air pipe, but has also has an effect on the cough center which is located in the brain.

In conclusion we mention that fumitory is very purifying: blood and lymph are filtered and bile, kidney and sweat functions are activated. This is definitely an extra advantage when you, next to a cough, also have a cold or the flu.



ELDERBERRY (Sambucus nigra L.)

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Syrups of elderberry have already been made for centuries as a remedy against coughing.
These beautiful dark purple berries contain a large amount of useful elements, which have a whole function against airway infections.
Elderberries are active against viruses: they are effective against rhino-viruses which causes colds and against influenza-viruses which cause the flu.
Also other corona- and adeno-viruses, which are responsible for rhinitis and bronchitis, can no longer multiply themselves.
The elderberry not only works as an antitussive, but is also active against cramps and helps to cough up tough mucus.
Furthermore, the elderberries have a beneficiary influence to activate your own immune system against airway infections.

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