TORMENTIL (Potentilla tormentilla Stokes)

31 tormentil (diarree)

Tormentil is a little, close to the ground growing forest plant, from which the root is medicinally used. It carries the common name “bloodroot”, because its bright red colour, due to the presence of tannins.
Potentilla tormentilla is already used internally since the 16th century to relief diarrhoea and cramps. Tormentil works powerfully astringent, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant on the mucus membranes of the intestines. The squeezing function of the bowel slows down and diarrhoea stops. The stomachache disappears. Thus tormentil is one of our best phytotherapeutic remedies (= on a herbal base) against diarrhoea.
Diarrhoea is mostly caused by viruses (like the Rota virus) or bacteria (like Salmonella). The tannins of the root are capable to kill a large number of damaging viruses and bacteria which cause diarrhoea.
Furthermore tormentil has an anti-allergic and immune stimulating function, which proves to be very useful in case of infected intestines.
So tormentil has build an extraordinary firm reputation against all possible sorts of diarrhoea, including the so called “turista” or travelers diarrhoea.
It works both preventive(preclusion) as curative (healing)!


ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (Carbo absorbens)

32 actievekool (diarree)
Activated charcoal is a very fine powder that consists of carbonized material of plants. It absorbs, due to his special structure, water and toxins from the intestines (this is absorption) and attaches these to its own surface (this is adsorption) to eliminate them from the body.

Because of absorption of the excessive water, the content of the bowel becomes more solid.
Also toxic elements (toxins) – p.e. bacteria, viruses or allergens – as well as irritating gasses are adsorbed and eliminated.
The function of activated charcoal with diarrhoea has been shown in many different controlled studies. People who took the activated charcoal had lesser days of diarrhoea and the bloated feeling was lower than  people who did not receive activated charcoal. The nature of the stool also improved.

One can conclude that activated charcoal together with oral rehydration (with sugar and salt) is advised to treat diarrhoea to prevent fast loss of liquid and loss of electrolytes.



SWEET BASIL (Ocimum basilicum L.)

33 basilicum (diarree)

Everyone knows sweet basil from the Italian kitchen: it is one of the main elements of pesto and it’s delicious with mozzarella and tomato.
Also called the King’s herb, it was already used by the Pharaoh’s in Egypt for its culinary and healing qualities. The aromatic leaves combine the linalol function (linalol is one of the most important elements) with other aromatic substances, which results in a beneficiary digestive function at the height of stomach, intestine and liver.
Sweet basil disinfects powerfully the bowl system: it reduces both damaging viruses and bacteria.

This herb also functions against inflammations, slows down diarrhoea and is analgesic in case of intestinal cramps.
Diarrhoea can be caused by toxic elements (toxins), nutrients that we are not used to, by micro-organisms or because of food allergies.
Sweet basil works on all of these causes and will heal diarrhoea fastly and permanently!


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