FEVERFEW (Chrysanthemum parthenium L.)

1 moederkruid (migraine)

Migraine is a pounding headache which usually occurs on one side of the head and is very often accompanied with nausea and vomiting. The cause is an over-stimulation of the nerves which always starts with a contraction of the blood vessels in the head.
Feverfew is a plant that contains a substance (parthenolide) which combats these contractions of the blood vessels at the beginning of the migraine: it relaxes tensed blood vessels. It reduces the impact of the neurotransmitters from the brain on the small blood vessels. Neurotransmitters, like serotonin, adrenaline and acetylcholine, are molecules that play an important role at the transfer of signals (electric stimuli) between neurons in our nervous system. With feverfew you can avoid the migraine getting worse.
An extract of feverfew contains a multitude of substances, which are anti-inflammatory as well. Painful swellings, which cause the pounding headache, disappear because of the function of these aromatic herbal substances.
Scientific studies on people have shown that the number, the duration as well as the intensity of the migraine attacks reduce effectively when taking feverfew preparations on a regular base (preventive as well as curative).


SPIKENARD (Nardostachys jatamansi DC.)

7 jatamansi (vergeetachtigheid)

Spikenard is an aromatic plant originating from North-India and China and already applied for many centuries in Ayurveda (an old Indian medicine). The root is used for its medicinal characteristics because it is rich in essential oil.
It contains relaxing and analgesic substances (p.e. jatamanson) which can be very useful in case of migraine.

Recent studies with spikenard show that this plant influences the beneficiary function of the neurotransmitters. Spikenard is capable of normalizing the lowered quantity of dopamine and noradrenaline. These neurotransmitters play an important role in case of migraine.

Spikenard is a particularly good tranquilizer, useful in case of stress and agitation, situations which very often are the cause of the unpleasant migraine.
Also on the digestive system spikenard works calming and regulating. Thus it is also useful for people who are troubled by migraine caused by disruptions of the stomach, intestines and liver.


WHITE WILLOW (Salix alba L.)

3 Schietwilg(migraine)

The white willow is well known in our countryside. The Latin designation is Salix from which the name salicylic acid is derived.
The bark and the leaves are used, these contain the substance salicin, which prevents pain and inflammations. Salicin also slows down certain elements, called the prostaglandines, which stimulate pain and swellings.

Other substances, like flavonoids, are also responsible for their complete analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of white willow.

The advantage of these substances is that they are not irritating the stomach and are well tolerated.
Many scientists conclude that the analgesic effect of the white willow is useful in case of migraine, to reduce the pounding or radiating pain.

You can temper the intensity of a migraine-attack by regularly taking a remedy with willow extracts.


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