WHITE WILLOW (Salix alba L.)

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The white willow is well known in our countryside. The Latin designation is Salix from which the name salicylic acid is derived.
The bark and the leaves are used, these contain the substance salicin, which prevents pain and inflammations. Salicin also slows down certain elements, called the prostaglandines, which stimulates pain and swellings.

Other substances, like flavonoids, are also responsible for its complete analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

The advantage of these substances is that they are not irritating the stomach and are well tolerated.

The analgesic function of the white willow aims mostly on neuralgia like headache and back-pain.
Low back-pain is mostly due to nerve inflammations.
Also in case of a hernia, lumbago (or crick) and sciatica one can take extracts of white willow.
In conclusion we also mention the use in case of whiplash and neck pain.



NUTMEG (Myristica fragrans Houtt.)

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Nutmeg we know especially as an aromatic kitchen spice.
It originates from South-East Asia where it has been used for a long time for its medicinal qualities.
Nutmeg works powerfully on all sorts of back-pains who can be very annoying. One is troubled with painful and inflated nerves. Think of the lumbago (or crick), low back pain, neck pain and even hernia. Furthermore, the nutmeg appears to have a repairing function on the injury of the nerve system.


BLACK SPRUCE (Picea mariana (Miller) B.S.P.)

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The needles of the black spruce contain a lot of essential oil which is responsible for the typical scent and also has medicinal qualities.
It contains elements who have beneficiary effects on the supra renal glands, these are the glands which are located right above your kidneys and which produce important hormones like cortisone.
The black spruce has therefore a function against inflammations, swellings and pain. Furthermore this tree has stimulating qualities which can combat tiredness and even exhaustion during long lasting stressful situations and pain.

These favorable qualities make sure that black spruce comes in handy for pain and inflammations of the nerves and muscles. So you can reduce back and neck pains on a natural way.



SWEET BAY (Laurus nobilis)

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Sweet bay is also mostly known as a kitchen herb. Nevertheless the healing powers of these odoriferous leaves are very large!
The use in the herbal medicine of sweet bay situates mostly on the nerve system, the pain, the digestive system and also as an anti-septic.
In the aromatherapy sweet bay is the essential oil of pain: in internal and external use, sweet bay functions as a natural pain killer for most of the painful situations, but especially in case of neuralgia due to inflammations.
Keep in mind low back pain, lumbago (or crick), hernia, etc.
Nevertheless sweet bay is also used for disorders of rheumatic kind, because muscles, joints and nerve pains in these diseases are related to each other and almost always occur together.


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