SPIKENARD (Nardostachys jatamansi DC.)

9 jatamansi (angst en stress)

Spikenard is an Indian plant from which the root is used for its medicinal characteristics. This aromatic herb originates mainly from North-India and China. Mostly in Ayurveda, a very old Indian medicine, spikenard is used for inner agitation and weak nerves.
The spikenard root is rich in an essential oil and contains jatamanson, a relaxing and calming substance.

Spikenard is a particularly good tranquilizer, useful in case of stress and rush. Spikenard is a plant of the “good feeling“, because it stimulates the function of the neurotransmitters: these are molecules who play an important role in the signal transfer (electric stimuli) between nerve cells in the nerve system. After taking the spikenard-herb, the content of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of the mind and of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter of memory (in the brain) increases. So we see that spikenard improves the capacity of the mind, and is still relaxing.
Spikenard can be used in situations of stress, fear and confusion. As a tranquilizer it can be taken during the day without any danger: you will not feel drowsy, but you will experience a feeling of rest and relaxation. In short, you will function much better mentally in our stressful society.


BLACK HOREHOUND (Ballota nigra L.)

8 ballote (stress)

A stressful profession, or living in certain stressful situations and events, occurs very often and is always complex: there is the nervousness and tension but also confusion.
The constant alternation of exhaustment and irascibility, which is typical for stressed people, can be treated with black horehound.

Black horehound with its beautiful purple flowers has already been known by Dioscorides (first century AD). This little plant is particularly useful in case of stress and tensed situations.
New research praises black horehound in case of aggression, agitation, restlessness and hostility.
Black horehound is in its complexity of the different elements (synergy) active in case of nervousness, stress and provocation; it’s a strong sedative.
Also in case of nausea and queasiness due to stress, this plant is used.

It does not have any toxicity, also for children and elderly this herb is suited, because there are no contra-indications or addiction.


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